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Living in Ol’ Times

Former Speaker of the State House Jimmy Naifeh spoke with his old bluntness in the General Assembly last week saying of the Memphis/Shelby County struggle over school unification, “that’s the the only (thing) that this bill is dealing with is segregation”. County Mayor Mark Luttrell said, “I don’t think it’s a fair statement.” Related WMC story. Watch the video here. He was speaking of a bill to advance the date of some Norris/Todd events.

Hubert Bass: An update to yesterday’s story about Bass’ offensive, racist letter in a West Memphis newspaper: The president of the County NAACP, Shabaka Afrika, stands by it!

Shelby County Commission: All attempts at agreement on a County redistricting plan have fallen apart and the matter is now in Chancellor Arnold Goldin’s Chancery court. They cannot agree whether a seven person or nine person majority vote is needed.

A resolution mandating minimum conditions for keeping pets was soundly defeated. More business from last night.

Municipal School Districts: Some of the suburbs are considering legal challenges.

Local Law Enforcement: The practice of a “legal hold”, keeping someone in jail for 48 hours without probable cause, is rapidly becoming a flashpoint with law enforcement. Is MPD-TV on the horizon? Former Shelby County deputy William Speight has been arrested on a second DUI; more.

Memphis: The urban population of Memphis grew by 9% in the Aughts, but still below the national average.

Millington: A look at how city administrators/managers work in various towns.

Schools: Area schools say they don’t use “Lean Finely Textured Beef”, or “pink slime”, but can’t be sure of it. The company that makes it is shutting down operations in three of four plants. A study published over the weekend by the Atlanta Journal Constitution implicates Memphis schools in a cheating scandal involving standardised tests, but the MCS denies it. Shelby County Schools may cut back on some teaching positions. Bolton High School teacher James Haywood is back at work.

Gasoline: The price has gone up 11 cents in two weeks. It is already within pennies of last year’s high. More in the Commercial Appeal. The Memphis average is $3.71/gallon. (via

University of Memphis: This week is Asian Awareness Week and a number of events are scheduled. More from the Daily Helmsman.

Nashville: The police department has added new officers and, now that their Federal grant is running out, the City is being asked to fund them. A City subsidy for the Metro Fairgrounds could determine the facility’s future. The police and fire departments are asking for “sizable expansions” of their budgets.

Habitat for Humanity: They will hold a Community Clean-Up Day on April 14, focusing on Uptown.

Germantown: The City has named a new City prosecutor and police advisor: Christopher Nearn and Mark McDaniel, respectively.

Business: From the Commercial Appeal, What to Do . The Daily News lets you know Today’s Events. And the Business Journal covers People on the Move.

US Airways: They added three new flights between Washington and Memphis, yesterday. They are adding 100 full-time jobs to their distribution center in Bradley County.

“Check Engine” Light Problems: Many Memphians are angry about this Federal government intrusion.

DeSoto County: Facing a Friday deadline, Southaven aldermen met late into Monday night discussing Mayor Greg Davis’ receipts; more from WMC and the Commercial Appeal. A look at the County’s “Hazard Mitigation Plan”. How County schools wil handle mandated sex education. The County Jail is still on schedule. Horn Lake is considering moving their public library into the old Dover Elevator building. The Taste of DeSoto event is today in Southaven.

Chattanooga: The status of a legal brief filed in support of Mayor Ron Littlefield versus his recall by several groups is called into question. As customers seek alternatives to cable providers, they are trying to keep pace.

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INTERNET EXCLUSIVE! Our tea party contributor, Ed “Doc” Holliday is still out on the primary trail. He asks, “What now, Republicans?” and sees possibilities between now and November.

INTERNET EXCLUSIVE! Memphis Bus Riders Union: A group of Memphis bus riders are tired of feeling left out of the decision-making process for MATA. They’ve taken action!

Internet Exclusive! Southpaw: Memphis columnist Andria K. Brown wonders why do we expect politicians to be more than politicans with our most intimate and personal issues?

Lifeblood: They have issued a call for platelet donors.

Voting Reform: A Republican voter was given wrong instructions at his polling place, when he left his wallet at home, and was denied a vote as was another voter in Davidson County. The State Senate voted to require photos on all State ID, removing the exemption for those over 60.

Memphis City Council: A compromised has been reached in the April 3 meeting kerfuffle.

Trayvon Martin: Reports from Sunday’s vigil from Fox13, ABC24, WMC and the Flyer. LeMoyne-Owen College had a moment of silence. A gallery of pictures from the Tennessean of the Sunday Nashville rally.

Dancing Jimmy: Beale Street veterans will take over the old Pat O’Brien’s to open a new bar, Dancin’ Jimmy’s, and three banquest rooms. Bud Chittom and Preston Lamm, the developers, have a string of Memphis successes. George Klein interviews the late Jimmy Grantham.

Bartlett: School board member David Reaves will keep his job and not run for alderman.

Education Reform: The TN Education Assoiciation is also backing legislation that would keep teacher performance evaluations a secret.

Governor Bill Haslam: As the Legislative session begins to wind down, a number of bills await the governor’s signature. Two pieces of his anti-crime package: increased penalties for group attacks and gun possession by felons. The unanimously-passed bill to allow posting of “historically significant documents” in public buildings; more.

Grizzlies: An ad hoc advisory board of local leaders met for hours with owner Michael Heisley to discuss the team’s “vulnerable” market.

Downtown: The Segway Experience, guided tours on Segway transports, are underway at the Peabody Hotel.

Politics: Although the tea party-fueled revolution brought them in, this Republican-led General Assembly is focusing on social issues. However, expect tax cuts by the end.

The House passed the “discussion of scientific controversy in the classroom” bill yesterday, 72-23, and it now goes to the governor. Representative Joe Town’s “saggy pants” bill is about decency, he says, and not skin color. It is expected to pass. The House passed a bill preventing enforcement of Federal laws on child farm labor.

A second round of ads has been launched by opponents of “mountaintop removal” mining. Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey touted his bill to apprise license holder of changes to regulations that affect them.

US Senator Lamar Alexander: The Nashville Scene’s history of flip-flops by Alexander on the “individual mandate” at the core of Obamacare.

Second Amendment: Attorney General Robert Cooper’s opinion that the “guns in cars” bill is constitutionally defensible is giving new impetus to supporters.

Scorecard: State Representative Phillip Johnson won’t seek re-election in favor of becoming a lobbyist. Democrats not seeking office again: 10; Republicans: 5.

Mississippi: Four politically powerful groups are opposing immigration reform. The State House overwhelmingly approved a bill to allow the State to transfer death row prisoners to private prisons. All public schools will teach “abstinence-only sex education. The State may waive some out-of-state tuition; more. In the trial of Richard Scruggs, former US Senator Trent Lott denied he called a judge to influence a Federal court selection.

Real Estate: The Mid-South housing market is showing signs of recovery.

Presidential Economic Plans, Part II: Financial contributor Chuck Bates continues his examination of the economic plans of the four Republican presidential candidates. You can read part one here.

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