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Santorum Wins!

Former US Senator Rick Santorum won yesterday’s Republican presidential primary; former governor Mitt Romney came in second. Social conservatives turned out in large numbersseven in ten GOP voters. Santorum was the only candidate to campaign in Memphis, did it make the difference? Secretary of State website with results. How the TN delegates will be divided. Mitt Romney came in a distinct second, followed closely by Newt Gingrich.

Reports on the Tennessee primaries from: Associated Press,, Nashville City Paper, the Tennessean. Exit polling says voters yesterday were most concerned about the economy; more.

TN Republican Party Chairman Chris Devaney congratulates Santorum. An hour-by-hour report of the day from the Tennessean that mostly takes digs at Republicans. Former US Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich pitched his “cheap gas” plan.

Local Primary Results: Early voting totals from the Daily News. Unofficial results from the Flyer. Results were slowed by a “sudden influx” of absentee voting. Turnout was slow and hit the expected 11% figure.

Unofficial results from Fox13, ABC24, WMC, WREG. General Sessions Court Clerk Otis Jackson was roundly defeated by voters. Steve Basar will be the Republican candidate later this year for County Commission, District One, Position Three. Ed Stanton will face Rick Rout for the General Sessions Court clerk seat.

Memphis City Council: Councilmen Edmund Ford Jr and Kemp Conrad talk with WREG’s Live@9 about addressing the City’s budget shortfall. Last year’s profligate spending is coming back to haunt the Council this year as they approve on a second vote the controversial 18-cent unassessed tax. The Council will consider paying for part of renovations and upgrades to the Liberty Bowl stadium if private investors can come up with a plan.

R. Allen Stanford: A jury found him guilty in 13 of 14 charges of fraud yesterday. He faces twenty years, at least, in prison. More from the Daily News. Background on Stanford and his crimes from John Branston and the Flyer. Local reports from Fox13, WREG and the Commercial Appeal.

Morgan Keegan: It seems the “vast majority” of high level executives are expected to stay on in the Raymond James Financial move.

Governor Bill Haslam: Speaking in Nashville, he noted the slowly improving economy and then pushed his legislative agenda. Haslam said “business is good”. He also suggests giving companies cash instead of tax breaks as economic development incentives. And he wants to shield the names of company owners who seek government money.

Politics: Gibson County approved a half-cent local-option sales tax increase which goes into effect July 1. Four TN mayors (including Memphis’ A C Wharton) are lobbying Washington for a new surface transportaton bill to kickstart more road projects.

Second Amendment: A dozen of the state’s largest employers are lining up against the bill to allow gun permit holders to keep their guns in their cars on private parking lots. More on busienss opposition from the Chattanooga Times Free Press. State Republicans are caught between two constituencies–2A supporters and business. More on that struggle. Governor Haslam wants both sides “to get it right” in terms of balancing rights. More in the Commercial Appeal.

Overton Park Conservancy: One of their first actions is the construction of a dog park, named Overton Bark, which should be ready by Summer. The Conservancy is also looking for an Executive Director.

Lottery/HOPE Scholarships: Governor Haslam wants to know why reforms seem to favor home-schooled students. But legislators may hold off on any changes if reveues stay above a certain target. More from the Tennessean.

Nashville: The Chamber of Commerce has withdrawn its support for two State zoning bills that would take away local planning control. Metro Councilman Brady Banks hopes to have his patronising prostitution charge dropped; he will stay in office.

Flu Season: With this year’s screwy Winter, the flu season may last two more months!

Real Estate: Memphis was ranked eighth lowest among metropolitan statistical areas by Clear Capital, in home values. Memphis saw a healthy increase in home sales, but many were from banks and investors.

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NEW! ONLINE EXCLUSIVE! Presidential Economic Plans, Part II: Financial contributor Chuck Bates continues his examination of the economic plans of the four Republican presidential candidates. You can read part one here.

NEW! ONLINE EXCLUSIVE! The Main Street Journal proudly welcomes Andria K. Brown to our ranks. She’ll be writing Southpaw and in Being Memphisotan she introduces herself.

Internet Exclusive: Farewell, Andrew Breitbart: Mick Wright pens a remembrance of the “iconoclastic provocateur”, the man who showed us the way.

Internet Exclusive: Bloomberg’s Money, Part III: Our Second Amendment contributor Craig Harper continues his series, looking at the use of Bloomberg Philanthropy money in Memphis. In Part III, he notes it’s all going according to plan.

Liberty Bowl: According to Councilman Reid Hedgepeth the tenants may be willing to come up with half the cost of renovations and upgrades to the stadium. But that may only come to $16 million.

Memphis Police Department: Police Director Toney Armstrong laid out his new community policing plan to the City Council yesterday. More from WMC and the Commercial Appeal.

Voter ID: An East Nashville Marine balked at showing a photo ID (which he had) and then protested the law requiring one. The Tennessean reports few problems yesterday. One 82-year old Shelby County woman was “rudely” treated at the DMV. Former US Congressman Lincoln Davis encountered a problem, because he wasn’t listed in Fentress County rolls but in Pickett County, instead. He declined a provisional ballot. And Judge Barbara Haynes could have voted with her judges’ ID but did not present it.

Memphis City Schools: Parents are worried about mold at Cordova Middle School. A 13-year old at Georgian Hills Middle Schools was sexually assaulted by another student.

Downtown: The “Main Street to Main Street Connector Project would use the Harahan Bridge to connect Downtown to West Memphis, if the Center City Revenue Finance Corporation approves the $2 million local portion of a $30 million Federal TIGER grant

Arkansas: The town of Marion is setting up an exhibit on the tragic, April 1865, sinking of the Sultana, still America’s worst maritime disaster. The wreckage is under a bean field near the town. The Superior Bathouse in Hot Springs may be turned into a microbrewery.

American Queen: She will be christened on April 27. Priscilla Presley will be her “godmother”.

DeSoto County: New policies for the Board of Aldermen meetings in Southaven are seen as stifling public dissent. The Board is also cutting back “drastically” on the money they give to the Chamber of Commerce, in the wake of the Davis investigation. At last night’s board meeting, Paul Miller brought a bag of feed and called city leaders “pigs at a trough”. The recall group, Concerned Citizens of Southaven, claims 1000 signatures so far. But Attorney General Jim Hood says the passage in State law they’re depending on doesn’t apply!

The County Board of Supervisiors has delayed setting limits on pet ownership; more. Horn Lake will discipline two Fire Department lieutenants.

Business: Today’s Events and Memphis Newsmakers, from the Daily News. People on the Move, stopped by the Business Journal.

Valero Refinery: A third fire in two years broke out yesterday. Three people were severely burned in the “flash” fire. Short report from WMC.

FedEx: Zero-emission, electric vehicles have been designed for the company and are expected to roll out later this year.

Mississippi: State House legislators are trying to improve filming incentives to production companies.

Southern College of Optometry: They are about to begin construction on a “tech-friendly” student classroom facility.

Auto Inspection: A new Federal law is inflicting new stress, inspection rejection and more costs to automobile owners.

Municipal School Districts: The Germantown Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved a vote on May 10 to decide on creating a separate school district. Both Bartlett and Collierville approved their resolutions on the final readings last night.

Tennessee: A record number of citizens are requesting their old criminal records be expunged.

Medtronic Foundation: They awarded about $260,000 to a dozen non-profits.

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