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Tax or Cut…Or Both?

Budget cuts or tax increases in today’s City Council meeting>? The Commercial Appeal leans tax hike. Meeting agenda here. Council website.

The School Systems: No answer to the question, “Where’s our $57 million?” may herald cuts to the City and County schools budgets. Memphis City Schools will have open enrollment this Friday.

Millington: Many procedural questions but also a lot of enthusiasm for their own municipal school district.

State Redistricting Suit: State Representative G. A. Hardaway talks about the lawsuit he’s a party to alleging the State redistricting effort was racist in intent. More from WREG.

Local Control: The solidly Republican community of Franklin is another community that wants the State out of limiting local ordinances.

Tennessee: The Center for Public Integrity rates us “C” or eighth for “accountability and risk for corruption”. You will soon be able to take the GED online…at twice the current price.

Economic Development Growth Engine: Wholesale importer and distributor International Sourcing Company will seek a 5 year tax freeze at tomorrow’s meeting.

Emerging Leaders: As it starts its fifth year, Mayors A C Wharton and Mark Luttrell are seeking greater participation among small businesses for its e200 executive-level training program.

Business: No relief in sight for Memphis drivers with a faulty “check engine” light.

The Commercial Appeal does their duty with What to Do. The Daily News reports Today’s Events.

Kroger: Exective Tim Brown has been promoted to president of its Delta Division. More in the Commercial Appeal.

United Parcel Service: Their purchase of TNT Express better positions them to compete with FedEx, but some analysts say it will strenthen FedEx, too.

Grizzlies: Talk of sale of the team is dismaying fans.

Camel Attack! Thirteen year old Trip Knight III was attacked by a family-owned camel and permanently injured, in Fayette County.

Sovereign Citizens: An update on former West Memphis Sheriff Bob Paudert’s second career as a public advocate and educator against the movement.

Women’s Health: Provisions under the Affordable Care Act, signed into law in 2010 by President Barack Obama provide for free hysterectomies for women in college.

Crime: The hot new item being stolen off store shelves? Tide laundry detergent! Officials in Covington are addressing the community’s gang problems with students and parents. Dozens were arrested after an apparent gang initiation at Dalstrom Park; more from WREG.

Germantown: A new community garden is going up in Bobby Lanier Farm Park.

SunTrust Banks: The Federal Reserve is fining eight banks for “improperly foreclosing on homeowners” and SunTrust is one of them.

Poplar Plaza: The first phase of reconstruction is wrapping up, as nine old tenants are moved.

Inflation: Gas prices continue to rise. The Memphis average for gasoline is $3.64/gallon. (via Inflation may slow down the economic recovery.

Americans with Disabilities Act: Some updates passed in 2010 have provisions that kicked in this month, so complicated that many folks are unable to comply correctly or completely.

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NEW! INTERNET EXCLUSIVE! Southpaw: Memphis columnist Andria K. Brown wonders why do we expect politicians to be more than politicans with our most intimate and personal issues?

INTERNET EXCLUSIVE! Commissioner Roland Demands an Apology! On Tuesday of this week, Shelby County Commissioner Terry Roland released a letter to the president and CEO of Scripps demanding that Commercial Appeal columnist Wendi C. Thomas apologise to the suburban communities.

Presidential Economic Plans, Part II: Financial contributor Chuck Bates continues his examination of the economic plans of the four Republican presidential candidates. You can read part one here.

Triangle Noir: The website for the soon-to-be-renamed part of Downtown is open. It’s here.

Shelby County Commission: Commissioner Melvin Burgess is organising a retreat this weekend to soothe frazzled nerves among his commission peers. Two commission committees will consider redistricting and animal welfare on Wednesday.

Memphis Police and Crime: Police Director Toney Armstrong talked with WMC about his new community policing effort.

Overton Square: Representatives from various arts and performing arts organisations met with Loeb Properties people to discuss how to make the Square even more arts-friendly.

DeSoto County: Horn Lake is readying their new office for their new Department of Parks and Recreation office. The State Legislature will consider a bill to allow radar use to the County Sheriff’s office. The Community Bulletin Board from the Commercial Appeal.

Abortion: The Life Defense Act of 2012, which would require County health departments to keep public records of doctors who perform abortions. The bill is working its way out of a House committee.

No Child Left Behind: The State Senate voted 32-0-1 to withdraw Tennessee from the NCLB Act.

Arkansas: The state’s high school graduation rate has declined over the past decade.

Beale Street Landing: Parts of the Landing are on schedule to open this Summer.

Politics: Lawyers for the State are seeking a stay in the ruling that changes the rules for third and minor parties, making ballot access easier. More on the bill to legalise “horse slaughterhouses” and processing houses. Governor Bill Haslam is undecided about signing that bill. The State Senate OKed removing the aggregate limit on PACs.

The State Senate passed the bill allowing teachers to discuss controversial science issues, that most scientists oppose; more articles from WPLN, Chattanooga Times Free Press, Knoxville News-Sentinel. Governor Haslam is remaining quiet on that bill. Sports bras may soon be illegal attire.

State Repesentative Mike McDonald is the 10th Democrat to announce his retirement, following redistricting; more from the Chattanooga Times Free Press and the Gallatin News.

State Representative David Hawk: Republican Hawk, accused of domestic violence over the weekend, wants to keep his chairmanship while the case goes through the courts. He returned to the House on Monday, maintaining his innocence.

Mo’ Money Taxes: As if customers don’t have enough to worry about, now they face arepossible audits from the IRS.

Local Media: Fox13 was recognised in this weekend’s MidSouth Emmy program.

Mississippi: A bill to revive the Adequate Education Program, allowing schools to borrow money, passed the House and is working through the Senate. The multi-state crime ring that recently struck in Southaven has been arrested. Oxford wants to charge for parking around the Square.

Picture of the Day

Don’t worry, young man. One day…. From Thoroughly Modern Medusa by Melissa Sweazy. © 2012. Used with permission.

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