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Matthews v. Bergmann!

Controverisal radio talk show host Thaddeus Matthews had an inverview with local black Republican candidate Charlotte Bergmann go so wrong he screamed insults at her and threw her out of his studiio! (Video at the link, source unknown.) The video is now on YouTube. Bergmann’s Facebook page and the WPLX Facebook page. Matthews’ website (Warning: Embedded audio; turn down sound.) and Facebook page.

National story from The Blaze. Comment from Fox13’s Political Insiders. Bergmann is a candidate for the Tennessee Ninth Congressional district.

Memphis Annexation: Both sides are lined up but no one wants to pull the trigger but the Flyer’s Jackson Baker hears ticking time bombs. The City of Memphis has scaled back their ambitious plan to annex the Fisherville/Gray’s Creek area, from 50,000 residents to 17,500. Some residents are already forming a self-incorporaton movement.

Representative Curry Todd responds to Fox13’s questions about the motivation for the “Norris-Todd II” bill, to eliminate Memphis’ annexation reserve area. Shelby County mayor Mark Luttrell also opposes a swift action on annexation. TPC member David Pickler is urging dialogues with State legislators and seperatist suburbs.

Shelby County Commission: In yesterday’s meeting, the commission fell one vote short of approving the thirteen one-member districts plan that emerged last week. The next commission meeting is Monday. Commissioner Steve Mulroy explained the thirteen district plan in a Main Street Journal article last year. The disagreements were strong at times. The Flyer’s Jackson Baker details the discussion of maps. Much, much more at the Commercial Appeal.

The tougher animal abuse resolution is expected to be passed. Commissioner Melvin Burgess, also the director of internal audit for Memphis City Schools, had various division and department heads answer questions about some County audits.

Southaven Mayor Greg Davis: More on the petition asking mayor Davis to resign and organiser Oriana Hill. WMC also reports. The petition is here. Another, unrelated group–Concerned Citizens of Southaven–will have a meeting tonight.

Overton Square: Plans were unveiled to remodel the French Quarter Inn into a Comfort Suites suburban-style hotel, involving considerable renovation of the quirky exterior. Background on the new owners, from the Daily News. Memphis Heritage presented the new concept. There was concern from Midtowners that the new hotel match their critieria for a new “high-end hotel”; discussion of this at Memphis Heritage’s Facebook page.

Memphis Bar Association: They are preparing to roll out the Law Rules program, which aims to educate any group interested in the American legal system.

Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce: For the second year, they are asking Nashville legislators to give them greater secrecy in their economic development discussions.

Business: Nationally, airline passenger counts were up and cargo was very slightly down.

Your Business Journal brings the People on the Move. The Daily News details Today’s Events. And the Commercial Appeal covers both What to Do and People in Business.

American Snuff: The smokeless tobacco arm of Reynolds American Incorporated will finish transferring operations to their new facility in Southeast Memphis later this month.

Hernando: Dog owners appear to be headed to success in getting a dog park opened.

Tennessee: The Department of Economic and Community Development says they helped create 28,535 jobs in 2011. The University of Tennessee is getting a new slogan, “Big Orange. Big Ideas.” The State’s electric vehicle rebate program will be expanded to include the Chevrolet Volt.

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NEW! ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Vote Fraud in Tennessee’s Elections: The president of the Tennessee League of Women Vothers, Margie Parsley, argues that real vote fraud is being improperly addressed by the State of Tennesse. They’ll be watching this Spring.

NEW! ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Comparing Health Care Costs of the Two School Systems The Shelby County Watchdog, Joe Saino, has been crunching the numbers for the health care (and benefit) costs for the two systems independently. When they merge, some hard decisions will have to be made … with your pocketbook on the line!

Online Exclusive: R-E-W-T, Root For Newt! Our tea party contributor, Ed “Doc” Holliday was in Charleston, South Carolina, for the CNN Republican presidential debate and he thinks he’s found “the Tea Party’s new prize fighter”. Do you agree?

Online Exclusive: The Political Silly Season: Our political and financial contributor, Chuck Bates, is already growing tired of outrageous political ads and he’s still got to survive until November!

Mississippi Pardons: The State Supreme Court has accepted the legal challenge, filed by Attorney General Jim Hood, to former governor Haley Barbour’s mass pardons as he left office. More reports from WMC.

Germantown: The first meeting to discuss starting a municipal school district was “packed”. A vote to start action on an MSD could come in two weeks. About 40% of students in Germantown schools live outside City limits, and some propose leaving them out of an MSD.

Best Chef in Memphis: The Memphis Business Journal’s planned head-to-head competition among local restaurants ran into unexpected, unified protest from the self-same chefs!

Daycare: Two people were in critical condition after a three-vehicle crash involving a Chism Child Care van. No children were injured. Texting by one of the drivers may have been a factor.

Graceland: Lisa Marie Presley was in town to introduce the newest Elvis exhibit: Elvis Through His Daughter’s Eyes, focused on their relationship.

Planned Parenthood: The Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation will cut off grant funding to Planned Parenthood. In a video statement, they say “stringent guidelines” were responsible, specifially banning organisations under Federal investigation, as is PP. The local branch, Planned Parenthood, Greater Memphis Region, is not affected; their website.

Arson: The Peppertree Apartments were set on fire. The apartment complex has a troubled history and is currently closed.

Memphis Police Department: They have been requested to start recruitment again by Mayor A C Wharton. An investigation is underway into whether a police officer deleted a local news photographer’s (ABC24’s Casey Monroe) photos from his cell phone.

Arkansas: Catfish production was down in 2011. This is a general decline in the state’s industry.

Politics: The sponsor of the bill to exempt handgun carry permit holders from background checks, State Senator Steve Southerland, has delayed a vote. The bill is SB0306. A petition has now been started asking the Attorney General to investigate the ethics of State Senator Stacey Campfiield. (See yesterday’s update for more info.) The move to reduce the state’s sales tax on groceries is gaining bipartisan support.

Streets Ministries: They opened their brand new facility on North Graham, yesterday.

Mississippi: Community colleges are warning the proposed 5.5% cuts could mean higher tuition and teacher cuts. DeSoto County School Superintendent Milton Kuykendall is also fighting for funding for his schools. Lt Gov Tate Reeves is also emerging as a proponent of charter schools.

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Memphis, meet Carson Hurdle, from by Isaac Singleton. © 2012. Used with permission. His professional website.


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