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Senator Frist Holds Media Conference Call


The SRLC and the Future of the Republican Party

Bill FristThis morning, Senator Bill Frist took a number of questions during a conference call with members of the Tennessee Press. Those participating were the Main Street Journal, the Commercial Appeal, the Associated Press, Chattanooga Times-Free Press, and The Tennessean.

The Senator emphasized the importance of the SRLC as a time to bring the Republican Party together to “examine basic principles” and to reaffirm “transparency and accountability.” I asked the Senator what core principles he felt the Party would be focusing on in the upcoming elections. He mentioned two: sky-rocketing health care costs and regaining fiscal restraint in government spending.

Much has been made of the high marks Rudy Giuliani has received in a number of polls over the last couple weeks of potential Presidential candidates. I asked the Senator if he thought there was a “social rift” in the Republican Party, with such high-profile leaders such as Giuliani, McCain and Schwarzenegger whose stance on abortion has been brought into question (in fact, Giuliani is openly pro-choice). He explained that the Republican Party was a broad Party and inclusive of a number of views. I asked if the Senator would support a pro-choice candidate. He indicated he would; however, he also mentioned that his hope was for a pro-life candidate and that abortion should not be the litmus test for a qualified candidate.

Answering a final question about the Internet, Senator Frist emphasized the “revolutionary role” that the Internet and blogging will have on the future of news media. He welcomed this new media outlet, saying the Internet only increases the responsibility politicians have to the public they serve.

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Did you ask Frist why he switched on the Ports Deal and now is FOR it ?