Main Street Journal

July 2008, Vol. 34


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Table of Contents: July 2008

On the River

Jonathan Lindberg: The Case for Optimism

Carol Chumney: In Healing, Memphis Can Lead the Way

Joe Saino: It’s All About The Jobs

On Repeat

Jason Middlekauff: Coldplay: Viva La Vida

Judith’s Picks

Judith Conroy

Lead Article

Jonathan Lindberg: The Great Divorce: Is the marriage between the Christian Right and the GOP over?

Feature Articles

Michael Roy Hollihan: What’s Next for the Mississippi River?

Op-Ed: Josh Davis: The Truth on Gay Marriage

Ted Roberts: Personal History: Holiday Inn at the Start

Ties that Bind

Dr. David Patterson: Who Is Hamas?

On the Shelf

Jonathan Lindberg: James K. Polk

On the Money

Chuck Bates: On Gas Prices