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Southaven mayor Greg Davis was charged with two misdemeanors yesterday: using police lights as a civilian and passing a school bus! Ironically, he was pulling over a car that passed a bus. The bus driver reported him. He had warrants put out but surrendered to the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office. In-depth report from the Desoto Times Tribune.

The Southaven Board of Aldermen met Monday to decide whether or not to ask Davis to surrender his City-issued credit cards.

Unified School Board: A change in the way the State divides funding between City and County schools may be changed, to our detriment. It’s complex; read the article.

City of Memphis: The Clayborn Temple, ground zero for Memphis history, on sale for more than a year now, may be a purchase target for the City.

Shelby County Commission: What’s next in the redistricting debate?

Achievement School District: Meetings with parents of the Memphis schools that will become part of the ASD are scheduled for this week, starting today!

Memphis City Schools: Did MCS systematically cheat on standardised tests? An updated WREG story and one from the Commercial Appeal. Daniel Kiel of the Transition Planning Commission appeared on WREG’s Live @ 9 to discuss the allegations.

US Representative Jim Cooper: The last TN Blue Dog Democrat has proposed a national budget that would cut the debt by $4 trillion dollars over the next 10 years. It uses Bowles-Simpson Commission recommendations and is already attracting bipartisan support.

Municipal School Districts: Suburban mayors fear residents will flee the County if they can’t start MSDs. The bill that House Democrats ridiculee last week, that would repeal the ban on new MSD districts, will likely get a House committee vote today. Millington’s MSD consultant, Southern Educational Strategies, told them to ignore the “cynics”.

Trayvon Martin: Late or updated reports on the weekend’s vigil in support of the Martin cause from ABC24.

Politics: The so-called Fairness in Ticketing Act would allow ticket vendors (in TN, that means Ticketmaster) to “take away purchasers’ tickets without cause and without a refund”. Opponents say it is “anti-consumer”.

The “medical marijuana” bill in the State House passed out of committee yesterday. It was sponsored by Memphis Democrat Jeanne Richardson. She insists it will not spill over into recreational legalisation. More from the Knoxville News-Sentinel.

The Religious Viewpoints Antidiscrimination Act would allow students to express religious statements, including at sports events; it passed out of the House Education Committee. Another bill in the House would require all “all cosmetic or aesthetic procedures be performed by a physician”, effectively ending most spas. A Senate bill would ban most hiring of immigrants in State-licensed charter schools. Scientists are lining up for a last-minute challenge to the bill letting teachers discuss controverial science in the classroom.

Collierville: Collierville High coach Albert Marchionda resigned after allegations of “inappropriate behavior” with female students. No further information is being released.

State Employees: The TN State Employees Association rallied in Nashville, in opposition to Governor Bill Haslam’s civil service reforms. They argue it would promote “cronyism”. More from the Tennessean. The House State and Local Government Committee OK’d sealing teacher performance evaluations.

Shelby County Schools: Administrators are debating closing three schools: Lakeview, Georgia Avenue and Graceland Elementary Schools. More from the Commercial Appeal. They have also cut 48 teaching positions.

Voter ID: State Senator Lowe Finney’s bill to repeal voter ID legislation failed 3-6 in committee. More from the Knoxville News-Sentinel.

Arkansas: The police chief of Joiner, Robert Yerbey, was arrested and charged with abuse of Wilton Goudeaux Jr…and then it gets weird. This is related to a man who pulled a gun, on camera, on WREG reporter/anchor April Thompson.

Downtown: More on the Segway Tours.

Mississippi: The Legislature passed a bill allowing some schools to offer in-State tuition to out-of-State students; it awaits Governor Phil Bryant’s signature; more. Bryant is revising his proposal for next year’s budget. More on the building opposition from business and farmers to the immigration bill. The Federal trial of Richard Scruggs has been recessed for two weeks.

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INTERNET EXCLUSIVE! Our tea party contributor, Ed “Doc” Holliday is still out on the primary trail. He asks, “What now, Republicans?” and sees possibilities between now and November.

UPDATE! Memphis Bus Riders Union: Beware of scammers using the MBRU name! A group of Memphis bus riders are tired of feeling left out of the decision-making process for MATA. They’ve taken action!

Internet Exclusive! Southpaw: Memphis columnist Andria K. Brown wonders why do we expect politicians to be more than politicans with our most intimate and personal issues?

Operation Safe Community: Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirich appeared on WREG’s Live @ 9 to discuss future plans for OSC.

HOPE Scholarships: The State Senate may soon vote on the proposal to only limit scholarships if proceeds fall below $10 million by 2015.

President’s Island: Nearly a year after 2011’s catastrophic floods, parts of the island remain under water.

Memphis Police Department: More on a possible police daily newscast.

The Women Beside The Men: Fox13 has a profile of attorney Ruby Wharton, wife of Memphis mayor A C Wharton.

Second Amendment: Tennessee already has a “Stand Your Ground” law–one of 25 States that does. Explanation from WREG. The “guns in cars” bill has now been narrowed to only apply to gun permit holders and hunters; it passed out of a State Senate committee.

Memphis Zoo: They have teamed up with Speak Creative to build a smartphone app they are now selling nationwide, to market large outdoor parks and exhibits.

Gasoline: Record high prices are leading to increased thefts. Prices rose for the 18th consecutive day. It’s having an effect on consumer confidence. The local average is now $3.73/gallon. (via

Business: The Clarion Cedar Hotel is another hallmark of Brooks Road/Graceland area improvement. Networking in Memphis will hold an event to “bring together professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners” to…network. Memphis has 155,600 women-owned businesses, says American Express.

In today’s Business Journal, People on the Move. From the Commercial Appeal, What to Do. And the Daily News has Today Events and Memphis Newsmakers.

Pinnacle: Former director of Information Technology, Major Projects and Transition Frank Raasch pleaded guilty to wire fraud . It involved $1.1 million.

ServiceMaster: They will roll out a single all-electric Ford Transit Connect vehicle. They will also install a charging station at HQ for employee use.

FedEx: Their Trade Networks subsidiary continues its expansion with three new US offices.

Perkins & Marie Callendar’s: They have named Jeffrey Warne as their new CEO. More from the Commercial Appeal and again.

Redbirds: Fans are welcome to the third annual “Bird Watching” event, where the April 3 team practice is open to the public! Free hot dogs, nachos and soda, too.

McKesson: Operations VP Doug Pace spoke recently about why his company chose Olive Branch, instead of Memphis, for a major expansion and their largest-ever capital outlay.

Walgreen’s Fiscal second-quarter earnings fell almost 8%, a fallout from the Express Scripts pharmacy decision.

Sharp Corporation: Taiwanese giant Foxconn bought a 10% interest in Sharp, but will it have any long-term affect on the company’s practices?

Tennessee: We are among the top-five States since the recession began to add government jobs. About 10,000 citizens will lose their unemployment benefits on April 12.

Grizzlies: An ad hoc advisory board is working to make sure any sale of the team is both unlikely and goes to a Memphis ownership group.

Real Estate: Memphis foreclosure activity fell again in January.

Presidential Economic Plans, Part II: Financial contributor Chuck Bates continues his examination of the economic plans of the four Republican presidential candidates. You can read part one here.

Picture of the Day

Clayborn Temple in a 1974 picture, where the Rev Dr Martin Luther King gave his I’ve Been to the Mountaintop speech the night before he was assassinated. The City of Memphis is considering buying the building to help preserve it. From Historic Memphis. Photographer uncredited. © 2012. The whole site is great for aimless, memory-jogging surfing.


Joe Spake’s Daily Buzz: The rest of the day’s news, from all sorts of eclectic places.

Ron Manuto and Sean Patrick O’Rourke: A quick history lesson on Memphis’ contribution to Supreme Court history: Baker v. Carr. (via the Commercial Appeal)

Commercial Appeal: Health care for those who can’t pay for it is the real reason for Obamacare? Abstinence-based sex education won’t work in Mississippi because they’re already having sex.

Sid Salter: MS Attorney General Jim Hood’s hiring of a former attorney general and former State Supreme Court justice as the negotiators for the BP damages settlement is opening him up to troubing questions. (via the Desoto Times Tribune)

David Hampton: For Mississippi, racial crimes are still a horrific reality. (via the Desoto Times Tribune)

David Williams: The City got a pretty good deal bringing the Grizzlies to Memphis. (via the Commercial Appeal)

Otis Sanford/CA: He has fun with Mitt Romney’s “Etch-A-Sketch” moment. (via the Commercial Appeal)

Otis Sanford/WREG: What part of the Fourth Amendment does the Memphis Police Department not understand. (via

The Worldly Investor: Global trade and China. (via the Daily News)

Guerrilla Sales & Marketing: Viral marketing is more art than science, but you have to dabble. (via the Daily News)

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