News - Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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Memphis City Council, District Seven: The deadline to submit applications for the seat vacated by Barbara Swearengen Ware is July 14 and the Council hopes to have the seat filled by July 22. Whoever is chosen will serve for 5 months. A quick survey of some of the early candidates, via WMC. More from Fox13.

Thirty new election laws go into effect in just days, including requiring voter ID at the polls.

Shelby County Jail: A deputy jailer, Robert Bradshaw, has been arrested and charged with Sexual Contact with an Inmate, Rape and Official Oppression. A bit more from Fox13, WREG and the Commercial Appeal. Details of the assault from WMC.

A Better Memphis: This community action group is holding a Legislative Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, featuring 10 local legislators (all Democrats, though) reviewing all the laws and changes to laws passed this past session. (Link may require Facebook login.) Their website is here.

Mortgages: The nation’s largest mortgage lenders deny slightly more mortgages in Tennessee than the national average. The Wall Street Journal article is here.

Memphis Symphony Orchestra: They increased their subscriber base by 160 music lovers. More from Fox13.

City-County School Merger Lawsuit: The lawsuit trying to gain control over the dissolution of Memphis City Schools system to hand the schools over to the Shelby County School system will not depose City school superintendent Dr Kriner Cash and school board member Martavius Jones by compelling them, the judge ruled.

Congressman Steve Cohen: He is interviewed by WREG Live at 9 on America’s “insane” war on drugs. Part two is here. He says marijuana possession is the “most abusive part of the drug war.” He has introduced legislation to allow States to legalise marijuana.

Marriage Redefinition: A debate between Jonathan Cole, of the Tennessee Equality Project and radio talk show host Andrew Clarksenior about “gay marriage” coming to TN.

Memphis v. Nashville: Despite having far fewer big-box booksellers to compete with, indie booksellers in Nashville are still struggling.

Flood Recovery: Hispanic residents of the Memphis Mobile City mobile home park are suing UMH Properties, the owners, for Federal Fair Housing violations.

Planned Parenthood: This Nashville City Paper article on defunding is focused entirely on the downsides for PP and, possibly, Republicans.

Memphis Catholic Schools: A teacher, Jose Garcia, has been arrested and charged with statutory rape of a minor male at Bishop Byrne school. He had been given a Good Samaritan Award by the diocese. Much more detail, from WREG and the Commercial Appeal. Barebones story from Fox13.

Arkansas: “Mixed” reaction from citizens over the State’s “smoking in cars with kids” law.

Business: No special use permit for Best $ Jewelry; you have to read down the article to see the business’ side of things, which refute some of the article’s assumptions.

Today’s Events, from the Daily News. What to Do, from the Commercial Appeal.

Delta Air Lines: They expect to see a “solidly profitable” 2Q, thanks to rising revenues. This despite higher fuel costs.

Shelby County Government: The list of employees scheduled for layoff has risen to 12 people.

Justin Timberlake: He, along with 13 others, is being honored by Governor Bill Haslam with an Environmental Stewardship Award, in his case for making Mirimichi golf course environmentally friendly.

Troy Daniels: County deputies are still investigating the dual shooting which killed retired Memphis police captain Daniels and sent his wife to the hospital.

Collierville: The Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted to raise the tax rate by 25 cents. More in the Commercial Appeal.

Mississippi: Baptist Memorial Health Care hopes to finalise a land purchase with the City of Oxford (and Lafayette County) by the end of next month.

Memphis Animal Shelter: A pair of loose dogs were seized and taken to the shelter but, less than 24 hours later, one of them had unaccountably disappeared.

Magna Bank: Although their payback plan is unusual, they are still on track to repay all TARP funds.

Internet Exclusive: Is Downtown Up To Snuff? The Main Street Journal’s senior writer, Michael Roy Hollihan, has a little Q&A with the Center City Commission’s Paul Morris about the state of the Downtown, and a few other topics of interest.

Internet Exclusive: What Example is the Shelby County Commission Setting? Mick Wright excoriates County Commissioner Mike Carpenter and supporters of the Office of Early Childhood and Youth for their vituperative, mean-spirited and (in one case) possibly illegal efforts on behalf of Commission funding for County offices that exist to simply get more government dollars.

Internet Exclusive: Controlled Media: Our Financial Correspondent, Chuck Bates, shows you how the “controlled media” are degrading the quality of information you depend on every day.

Tea Party: Tennesseans who identify as “tea party movement” voters are slightly more libertarian than Republican Party members as a whole. Vanderbilt University webpage on the study, with more details; you can purchase the article here or the abstract here. (One trait, though, is “fear of change”? Don’t they want to change the current political climate?)

Electric Vehicles: While there is a lot of media excitement over electric cars in Tennessee, only 79 people have bought and taken delivery of a Nissan Leaf.

Trash: No pickup in three weeks for residents on Summerlane.

Overton Park: The ad hoc plan to create an Overton Park Conservancy is gaining steam and has a second public meeting tonight at the Memphis College of Art, hoping to have a presentable plan ready by Labor Day. More reports from Fox13.

Animal Cruelty: A Memphis woman has been jailed after a dog neighbors reported to police was euthanised after fatal heat exposure. More in the Commercial Appeal. (4th item)

“Cyberbullying” Law: The new State law, which prohibits the display of images which cause “emotional distress” may be an unconstitutional infringement of the First Amendment.

Tennessee: The State government has hired its first Chief Procurement Office in Jessica Robertson. The State’s press release. More from the Nashville Post. Traffic fatalities are down sharply this year across the state. A Federal Appeals court in TN rules that not objecting to a search does not equal consenting to a search.

Politics: Governor Bill Haslam is calling for a review of the Tennessee Regulatory Authority, with an eye to possibly folding the agency into the Executive branch. State Senator Jim Kyle touts his new law, which allows high school students to graduate early into college. The cap on State political contributions goes up about 40% beginning this Friday.

Islam in Tennessee: Plaintiffs in the Rutherford County suit, who allege the County violated open meeting laws in approving an Islamic community center and mosque, will get thousands of County emails, after they are reviewed.

The Haslam Administration: In an interview with the Commercial Appeal, the governor wants to find a “measurable metric” to balance business incentives with job creation.

Ned McWherter: FBI files reveal that the former governor had absolutely no involvement in the legendary “Rocky Top” scandal of the 1970s that consumed the TN Democratic Party. They do not speak to the following scandal involving Democratic governor Ray Blanton.

West Nile Virus: Some moderately reassuring news about a potential outbreak in Shelby County.

Gasoline: The comparatively low prices on gasoline of late are helping Memphis families. The current local average is $3.39/gallon. (via

DeSoto County: State government and local business leaders will “brainstorm” to try to develop strategies and incentives to bring in new business. The County Planning office is already well along in plans for a public bus system. Angry questions over the bidding process for the contract to build the new County Jail. The Commercial Appeal’s Bulletin Board for today.

Internet Exclusive: Herman Cain for President: Mississippi Tea Party activist Doctor Ed “Doc” Holliday says the only man who stands a chance of defeating President Barack Obama in 2012 is Republican candidate Herman Cain, and he lays out why.

Germantown: They passed their first tax increase since 2003, a 4% rise. More in the Commercial Appeal.


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