News - Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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News - Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Wharton Administration: The “virtual town hall” was judged a success yesterday. Yesterday was the deadline for a Bass Pro Shops deal, though an announcement may come today. An audit shows Fleet Services Management, the City department in charge of vehicle maintenance and repair, is missing hundreds of thousands of dollars! Automated trash trucks are trashing some cans.

Shelby County Elections: Republican candidate for County Mayor, Sheriff Mark Luttrell had a Hispanic forum answer misrepresented by the Commercial Appeal, as did others; more from WREG. Eyewitness News with a report on the Latino Memphis forum.

Shelby County Government: Although the last County pension plan revision is only a few years old, offiicals are taking another whack at it next month.

Downtown/Midtown: The City, businesses and the Memphis Medical Center are working to create a cohesive look for the district. The Midtown Community Development Corporation holds the last of its public meetings today on the “Midtown overlay” zoning guidelines. An arrest for an aggressive flower peddler.

Memphis City Schools: The administration wants to spend $200,000 on an ad campaign to burnish the MCS image to help recruit teachers.

Heat Wave: Warning and tips on mosquito bites.

Mississippi: A look at the new mascot candidates for Ole Miss. Highway Patrol Chief Col. Michael Berthay and Lt. Col. Stanley Sisk, director of the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations, are retiring from the Department of Public Safety. Early reaction against the State’s upcoming “meth law”. The Tunica Humane Society is July’s Pepsi challenge.

Community Foundation of Greater Memphis: Their new non-profit donation initiative, GIVE365, has already raised nearly $35,000.

Governor’s Race: Republicans Bill Haslam and Ron Ramsey have released a list of tea party activists and members who support their candidacies.

Politics: The Tennessee Center for Policy Research has released its 2010 Tennessee Pork Report, on government waste, fraud and abuse across the State.

The opening of the Farris Room at Southwest Tennessee Community College, dedicated to the life of Bill Farris, a local political giant. A report on a ceremonial bill-signing by Governor Phil Bredesen. The Commercial Appeal reports on the new law requiring jailers to report illegal immigrants.

The Flyer’s Jackson Baker reports on the campaign of Democratic challenger Greg Rabidoux for the US Seventh Congressional District seat held by Republican Marsha Blackburn.

Germantown: Plans for an amphitheater have stopped completely in a mess of money, meetings and politics.

Previously Posted: More on the judical and clerk endorsements of the Memphis chapter of the National Bar Association. More on the opening of the American Contract Bridge League’s HQ and museum in Horn Lake. And a report on the weekend’s huge ceremony for WWII vets in DeSoto County. (previous two stories via the DeSoto Times Tribune)

Eighth Congressional District: Republicans are now calling for the TN Republican Party to review the bona fides of candidate Stephen Fincher, after allegations he’s voted Democrat. Republican Dr George Flinn is attacking Democratic candidate Roy Herron.

Real Estate: For the second time in a week, Mid-America Apartment Communities has purchased an apartment home complex; more in the Commercial Appeal. Harborview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is weeks away from opening a new, $16 million nursing and rehab facility in Uptown. Ground is being broken on a new Salvaggio Group development in Germantown incorporating turn-of-the-last-century design. Home prices rose slightly in April.

Shelby County Fire Department: A first major deployment of pet oxygen masks saves a handful of animals that would’ve died othewise. More from Fox13, Eyewitness News, WMC and WREG.

Millington: A Millington Star report on the extensive renovations being done to Navy Road. A new law to control advertising along Navy Road is encountering business resistance.

NEW! Main Street Journal June 2010 Issue: Table of Contents is here.

NEW! Main Street Journal: Senior writer and online editor Michael Roy Hollihan examines the “trust issue” with mayoral candidates Mark Luttrell and Joe Ford.

Main Street Journal Online Exclusive: Memphis City Councilwoman Wanda Halbert points out the inequalities of the concessions being demanded by current consolidation plans.

Second Amendment: In the wake of Monday’s Supreme Court ruling on guns, Tennessee observers expect a small wave of lawsuits, but most will fail. More from Andy Sher in the Chattanooga Times Free Press. US Representative, and gubernatorial candidate, Zach Wamp issued a statement supporting the decision. More Mid-South reactions.

Urban Child Institute: They have released their The State of Children in Memphis and Shelby County: Data Book, which contains largely unpleasant news. Website here. More from Eyewitness News.

Memphis City Council: They want outside lawyers to examine the Performa-Beale Street settlement negotiated by Mayor Wharton; more from WMC. Councilwoman Janis Fullilove hopes to get the Council to pass a number of initiatives to help people during extreme heat.

Arkansas: Several small earthquakes were reported near Searcy over the weekend; more from WMC. The pre-trial motions continue in the trial of Dr Randeep Mann.

Tennessee: Governor Phil Bredesen’s call to do better background checks on potential chancellors of the UT system may run into transparency, privacy and public information problems. FEMA assisstance in flooding disaster recovery is approaching $250 million. We are one of dozens of States to get Federal job training money for colleges and universities. A large sinkhole has developed outside LP Field, the home of the Titans in Nashville.

Red Light Traffic Cameras: Turns out, Nashville’s surveillance cameras fail and then need to be manually reset, which doesn’t always happen.

Financial: Analyst recommendations for Pinnacle Financial and Regions Financial.

Fourth of July: Please, just be safe this weekend!

Business: Marketing firm Oden is automating and bringing to the web a system for approving PGA co-branded marketing materials. Worthington Cylinders is expanding its New Albany, MS, facility. String’n'Swing, a tennis specialty store, is opening a new store in Brentwood. UPS has named Ken Harms as new regional manager for the Mid-South. Sharp has manufactured its 2 millionth solar panel.

In the Daily News, Memphis Newsmakers and Today’s Events. The Better Business Bureau warns against falling for job scams.

FedEx: The company is pleased with a court ruling that dismissed part of a class-action lawsuit regarding FedEx Ground drivers. Are FedEx planes behind the mysterious crop damage in West Tennessee?

Memphis International Airport: Questions of political motives in the replacement of board member Jim Ethridge with Jack Sammons. In a somewhat related airline industry story, difficulties between Delta Air Lines and its Delta Connection carriers.

DeSoto County: Plans for this year’s Fourth of July celebrations. More on the need for a traffic signal at US 61 and Delta View Road; more from WMC. A status report on the new County schools being built. Pink trash cans are proving popular in Southaven. The DeSoto County Museum is considering a permanent WWII exhibit.

Survey Says: FedEx is ranked among the top one hundred most valuable global brands. St Jude Children’s Research Hospital is ranked second in a survey of “Best Places to Work in Academia”; more in the Commercial Appeal. Tennessee is ranked number two as the nation’s fattest state.

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