News - Tuesday, December 22, 2009

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News - Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Shelby County Commission: In a surprise move, Edith Moore was selected to fill former Commissioner Joe Ford’s seat. More from WREG; Eyewitness News, the Daily News and the Commercial Appeal.

Christmas & the Holiday Season: Via Paul Ryburn, which Downtown restauarants will be open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. And from MemphisConnect, a list of Christmas Eve services. The Tennessee Highway Patrol has scheduled 100 safety/sobriety checkpoints for the holidays. Watch out for gift restrictions and expiration dates on gift cards.

You can track Santa on his rounds Christmas Eve thanks to NORAD.

There is some good economic news this year: Christmas tree sales are up! The Daily News has more. And shoplifting is down, too.

MLG&W: The public utility is considering hiring an outside collections agency to go after the rising number of delinquent accounts.

Tire Redemption Program: More on the City’s cash bounty for old abandoned tires, which saw 14% of its fund depleted on the first day! The program is supposed to pause at 40,000 redemptions, which may happen today.

Business: As announced last week, Citadel Broadcasting (who own four Memphis radio stations) have filed for bankruptcy; more in the Business Journal. Walgreen’s Q1 profits rose 20%, mainly on drug sales.

A business profile of Thompson & Company, a PR firm, from the Commercial Appeal.

People in Business, from the CA.

Mississippi: One in five receive food stamps, a 27% jump this year. Governor Haley Barbour has formed an advisory commission to study school district consolidation; more in the Commercial Appeal. November casino revenues dropped.

Union Mission: Their little-known substance abuse program helps many homeless men recover from their lives of drug abuse.

Pvt 1st Class Brandon Owens: The family of the Memphis soldier killed in Afghanistan earlier this year struggles through their holiday season without him. Requiescat in pace.

DeSoto County: Hernando Parks and Recreation launches a new program called H.E.A.L., or Healthy Eating, Active Living, to fight obesity. Problems with Horn Lake’s sewer system has residents raising a stink. Hernando is the home of Carol Darby’s Christmas village. And, the Board of Supervisors voted to equip the Sheriff’s Office with night-vision goggles.

Survey Says: Manpower predicts hiring will be flat for Q1 2010.

NEW! Main Street Journal December Issue: We asked a number of Memphis and Shelby County leaders What A C Wharton Means for Memphis. Michael Roy Hollihan wonders: How Many Mayors Are We Electing?

The Table of Contents is here.

Joe Saino: The Memphis Watchdog: In a special to the Main Street Journal, Joe offers some suggestions of things to cut in the City budget before we go raising property taxes to cover the MCS settlement payment.

Holiday Closures: Collierville & Germantown; waste pickup for Memphis & Bartlett and again; comprehensive Shelby County list.

Memphis Board of Education: They approved seven new charter schools. We now have 40% of the state’s charter schools.

Exchange Club: The Wal-Mart Foundation’s State Giving Program gave their Family Therapy program $50,000.

Pfizer Inc. Memphis Logistics Center: They received an award for worker safety from the State.

River Trace Apartment Homes: New owners Global Ministries Fellowship are seeking to provide affordable housing as part of their mission.

West Tennessee: The TN Infrastructure Alliance estimates Obion County has 59 projects needing $245 million.

Politics: Johnnie Turner, the wife of Rep. Larry Turner who passed away recently, is interviewed by the Commercial Appeal about seeking her husband’s seat to finish out his term.

US Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker talk about Democratic strategies to pass the health care reform bill. Two State Representatives want the TN Attorney General to block any health care bill. Various state advocacy groups rate the bill.

The sender of an obscene holiday card sent out of Democratic House Leader Gary Odom’s office still hasn’t been identified nor punished, though the person in it is well-known. More in the Knoxville News-Sentinel and the Commercial Appeal.

Chief Supreme Court Justice Janice Holder shows off before a crowd.

Tennessee: A look at the high-pressure, high-stakes gamble that Governor Phil Bredesen is playing with education reform. Teachers are concerned with using students’ “value added scoring” to base merit pay. Beginning January 1, only “fire safe cigarettes” will be available state-wide.

Southwest Tennessee Community College: The new library on the Macon Grove campus is the Bert Bornblum Library.

Picture of the Day

A wreath made from shotgun shells, from The Enlightened Redneck, by Danny Glover. © 2009.

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Commercial Appeal: A rueful farewell to the Center City Commission’s Jeff Sanford. Even though Democrats control the White House and have bullet-proof majorities in both Houses of Congress, somehow problems are the Republicans’ fault?

Cathryn Stout: A night of partying and a near-miss remind her to not do that again. (via the Commercial Appeal)

A. C. Kleinheider: The best man to lead the state’s Tea Party protest movement into elected politics isn’t interested in the job. (via the Nashville City Paper)

Chris Austin: Arguments for requiring election winners to have more than 50% of the vote and fostering more third parties. (via the Knoxville News-Sentinel)