News - Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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News - Wednesday, December 16, 2009

No Indictment for Willie Herenton? Fox13 is reporting there will be no Federal indictment of the former mayor.

The Federal grand jury is scheduled to meet one last time today. WREG’s Mike Matthews reports on the “years”-long grand jury. More on the “looming deadline” from Eyewitness News.

Yesterday’s meeting was cancelled on short notice. More from WMC, and the Commercial Appeal.

Christmas & the Holiday Season: No Christmas for the residents of the Northlake retirement apartments! Santa’s Village on the campus of UT-Martin is open. Fox13 will present Home for the Holidays, with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, three times over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. More warnings about Christmas opportunity crimes and watch out for web scams, too.

Rebuild Government: The professedly neutral consolidation discussion forum hopes to promote ideas for what the City and County could do, and then present those ideas to the Metro Charter Commission. Co-chair Steve Ross talks about their mission. Website here.

Tennessee: Governor Phil Bredesen will call a special session of the Legislature for January 12 to deal with post-secondary education reform. More in the Nashville Tennessean, the Knoxville News-Sentinel and the Commercial Appeal. House Speaker Kent Williams notifies his colleagues. Seven sites around the state have been added to the National Register of Historic Places. The State’s Department of Economic and Community Development will offer technical assistance and grants up to $15,000 to communities to revitalise their downtowns; more from NWTN The State government doesn’t provide enough biofuel pumps for its fleet of cars.

US 6th District Rep. Bart Gordon Retires: Is his retiring part of the state’s “recalibration”? Unofficially, Democrats are writing off holding onto those two seats. The Tennessean calls Gordon’s retirement a “political shockwave”. US 7th District Rep. Marsha Blackburn reacts.

Some politicians are denying any plans to run for his (or John Tanner’s 8th District) seat: Republican State Senator Mae Beavers, former Republican gubernatorial candidate Van Hilleary. State Senator Diane Black is likely running. State Senator Jim Tracy now has a campaign website.

The third Blue Dog Democrat of the state’s US House delegation, Lincoln Davis of the 4th District, says he’s not changing any plans to seek re-election.

Politics: New York’s junior US Senator Kristen Gillibrand is vulnerable to a challenge, like rumored Harold Ford, Jr who, even though officially not running, is still showing up in polls.

Millington: The town is reluctant to rezone some Belz property to allow construction of apartments after it also failed in trying for a gated home community.

Financial: Regions Financial will not pay out executive bonuses .

DeSoto County: At their annual meeting, the Hernando Main Street Chamber of Commerce honored volunteers and welcomed new board members. Shortfalls in projected tax revenues have left Southaven short one-quarter million dollars. Horn Lake aldermen were at pains to reassure businesses that the new sign law will be evenly enforced.

Mirimichi Golf Course: They will be closed from mid-January until July for renovations. More in the Commercial Appeal.

Adams and Reese: They have been among the Top 100 Law Firms for superior client service.

Survey Says: Fewer home buyers are willing to buy a foreclosed home. TN has the fourth-highest age-adjusted rate for cancer deaths. Stronger manufacturing may point to economic recovery.

Oakland: Mayor Bill Mullins points out the Scott Ferguson challenge to the last mayoral election is costing the town $110,000 in outside legal fees. Mullins’ win was overturned and a new election will be held.

Comcast: They are rolling out their internet television service Fancast Xinfinty TV to customers with both internet and cable Comcast products.

Collierville: The City is going to overhaul its advisory boards to promote more “user input” for sports. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen has filled most board and commission seats.

NEW! Main Street Journal December Issue: We asked a number of Memphis and Shelby County leaders What A C Wharton Means for Memphis. Michael Roy Hollihan wonders: How Many Mayors Are We Electing?

The Table of Contents is here.

The Pyramid: A City Council committee votes a 3-month extension to the Bass Pro Shops lease on the facility. More from Fox13, Eyewitness News and the Commercial Appeal.

Memphis City Council: They will meet again tonight to look at budget cuts and reductions to fund the $54 million school funding settlement, if that happens. Four options are being discussed. Will it be a “temporary” 31 cent property tax hike? More on the special meeting from Fox13 and the Commercial Appeal. More on the delayed vote from Eyewitness News. Transfer of revenue-producing parking spaces next to the new U of M Law School prompts questions.

George Little was OK’d as the City’s new Chief Administrative Officer, as were members of the new ethics board. They also eased rules for making cash gifts to the Memphis Animal Shelter.

H1N1 Virus: The State Departments of Education and Health have unveiled a joint Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Guide to help districts prepare for long-term closures, mass absences and staff shortages, etc. Fear of contracting the virus has changed habits. 800,000 doses of the flu vaccine, none delivered to Shelby County, have been recalled. Some doses were sent to AR and MS, though. More from WMC, WREG, the Daily News and the Commercial Appeal.

Shelby County Commission: Appointed commissioner Matt Kuhn has quit to join new interim County Mayor Joe Ford’s administration.

100 South Main: There will be a “topping off” ceremony today as the Downtown’s “Big Hole” is finally filled.

Second Chance: Eyewitness News has identified 30 felons, graduates of the program, who work for the City of Memphis.

MLG&W: The New York Times on the “smart grid” technology almost implemented in Memphis and the unpleasant metering and temperature control uses to which it can be put.

Memphis City Schools: A mentoring and college prep tutoring program by students for students rewarded them for their work this week.

Business: Online marketing programs and marketing that achieves measurable results are expected to do better in 2010. A list of Top Ten small business trends — good and bad — for 2010.

McDonald’s wifi will now be free to customers.

A business profile of Signature Realty in Olive Branch, from the CA.

People in Business, from the Daily News and from the Commercial Appeal. Also, What to Do.

Airline Industry: Delta Air Lines expects to lose $1.5 billion in FY2009. The airline industry is not expected to recover in 2010.

Medical Education and Research Institute: They are a world-renowned surgical training center and on Thursday, they’ll offer emergency responder training.

Mississippi: Lawmakers have adopted their first version of the 2010-11 State budget; more in the Commercial Appeal. The Panola County Food Pantry has run out of food and desperately needs donations.

Memphis Fast Forward: The Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce will host a large luncheon on Thursday to highlight the successes of the plan, says GMCC chairman Tom Schmitt.

Bartlett: The seven candidates for the Second Division Municipal Court judgeship will be interviewed in early January.

The MED: More on the likely hiring of Dr Reginald Coopwood as the new CEO. A 2005 story from when he became the CEO for the Metro Hospital Authority in Nashville and a September interview (Podcast) with him, talking about the hospital.

Previously Posted: The State’s revenue collections were down just 1/2 percent in November. Governor Bredesen will co-chair a national education reform group, Achieve.

Picture of the Day

Santa takes a break, at the Memphis Botanic Garden, from Joe Spake. © 2009.

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