News - Thursday, December 10, 2009

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News - Thursday, December 10, 2009

Overton Square Demolition: The Memphis City Council has given developers Fisher Capital 60 days to come to some sort of agreement with local preservationists and community groups over the Square’s redevelopment. More from Fox13, Eyewitness News, the Daily News and the Commercial Appeal.

Memphis City School: The school system is hosting a Mid-South Technology Conference that displays and explains the latest in classroom technology. More in the Commercial Appeal.

Grizzlies: The Grizzlies Foundation is donating $300,000 to 12 area non-profits. Also, they are deeply discounting some tickets to boost attendance for Friday’s game.

United Negro College Fund: Governor Phil Bredesen will host a luncheon today to benefit/fundraise for the UNCF’s Tennessee institutions.

Starry Nights: A reminder that the holiday family spectacular is back.

City of Memphis: Mayor A C Wharton takes a tongue-lashing from State lawmakers over the prior administration’s record-keeping.

Red Light Traffic Cameras: Memphis police will not always charge people who right-turn on red with a “rolling” stop, even though it is a traffic offense. It will be up to the reviewing officer’s discretion. More from Eyewitness News. A story on Germantown’s experience with RLTCs.

Crime: Related to the above, the manager of the Garden View Apartments finds that cameras on the property cut the crime rate.

Politics: The State sales-tax exemption for Federal income taxes will be continued if a bill that passed the US House also passes the Senate. Secretary of State Tre Hargett has announced the State has found voting machines that comply with the needs of the Voter Confidence Act.

State House Speaker Kent Williams released a statement on the State Republican Party’s failure to re-admit him to the party.

Shelby County Commission: With former commissioner Joe Ford becoming interim County mayor today, a whole new round of musical appointed chairs is expected to break out.

University of Memphis: Campus reaction to the new red light traffic camera at Poplar Avenue and Highland Street. The school is looking for alternative herbicides to use on the grounds. The Air Force Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps Detachment 785 teamed with the Salvation Army to raise funds for presents for needy kids.

Survey Says: Tennessee is the worst State at funding anti-smoking efforts according to anti-smoking activists Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. Wholesale inventories rose unexpectedly, a sign of recovery.

Tennessee: Some advice from the State on safely purchasing and using firewood this winter. Governor Phil Bredesen announced the State is receiving $30 million in Federal Homeland Security grants. The interim President of UT, Jan Simek, reminds the Board that the UT system will lose $112 million with the end of Federal stimulus funds in 2011. (via NWTN At the county level, TN does very poorly on measures of the rates of obesity and diabetes.

Real Estate: One third of homes listed for sale in Memphis have experienced price reduction, at an average of 9%. Home sales in Shelby County are finally outpacing 2008’s performance.

Arkansas: The University of Arkansas is seeking Federal stimulus funds to decommission and demolish a Sixties-era plutonium reactor. The State lottery is already profitable.

NEW! Main Street Journal December Issue: Senior Writer Michael Roy Hollihan looks at the many task forces, transition teams and other commissions and wonders: How Many Mayors Are We Electing?

The Table of Contents is here.

Christmas & the Holidays: Santa is coming to Dyersburg’s Courthouse on December 15. (via the Dyersburg State Gazette)

Juveniles in Jail: Five juveniles will be tried as adults for their crimes. Fox13 picks up on the rising trend of juveniles in adult jail and the increase in juvenile crime. State lawmakers are considering adding juvenile sex offenders to the sex offender registry.

DeSoto County: County Sheriff Bill Rasco say the Mid-South Fair owes his department for overtime. And the Board of Supervisors denied his request for three new deputies.

National Broadband: The FCC is holding a public forum here on December 14 to get public comment on the availability of broadband internet access. Harold Ford Jr is part of the national broadband effort.

Homeless in Memphis: Reports are being put up about the first big day of the police effort to move out, place or arrest the homeless, especially Downtown. WMC. Surprisingly, they find fewer homeless than expected; more on that from WREG. Over $4 million in Federal funds is mostly going to the police side of the effort. As always, the Commercial Appeal finds the upbeat angle.

Mississippi: The mayor of Oxford is suggesting that the school district pay for all six police officers they use. Residents of Golden Ponds in Tate County got flooded for a third time on Tuesday and are sick of the fingerpointing by government parties. The Tupelo Airport Authority has fired director Terry Anderson; turmoil on the board of directors as well. The State Attorney General, Jim Hood, is offering software training to County police departments to help fight cyber-crime, especially child pornography.

Catholic Diocese: They are protesting to the State that the proposed new Madison Avenue location for Planned Parenthood is too close to Memphis Catholic High School. In a not-exactly related story, a large number of lawsuits involving one class of birth control drugs coming from Memphis is looked at in the Daily News.

Delta Air Lines: In a conference call, they told investors they see a brighter revenue picture next year. More in the Commercial Appeal.

Business: The National Federation of Independent Business’ Small Business Optimism November index fell to a level below the ‘81-’82 recession. NFIB website.

A professional interview with Miska L. Shaw, newly of Glankler Brown PLC, from the Daily News.

More on the Walgreen’s move to sell beer in Memphis. Advanced Disposal has acquired All Star Waste Systems. Smith & Nephew is hoping to acquire and move into a new office campus in Goodlett Farms.

What to Do and People in Business, from the Commercial Appeal.

Land Use Control Board: A new charter school, the Memphis Business Academy, and other issues are on the agenda for today’s meeting.

Salvation Army: They are embracing new technologies like social media and “cashless kettles”.

Oakland: The trial in the lawsuit of Scott Ferguson over the last mayoral election was scheduled for yesterday. And Chancellor Martha Brasfield invalidated the election and its results. More from Eyewitness News and the Commercial Appeal. Also, community reaction.

Also, more on the ouster of Fayette County schools superintendent Myles Wilson. (via the Oakland News)

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