News - Tuesday, December 1, 2009

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News - Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Wharton Administration: More on Mayor A C Wharton’s crime and violence meeting. Reports from Fox13, WMC, WREG, Eyewitness News and again.

George Little, with the TN Department of Corrections, is another name being floated as Mayor Wharton’s new CAO.

Election Day! Elections will be held today for the Republican primary in State House District 83 and State Senate District 31. The Flyer’s Jackson Baker reports on all the candidates. Turnout is expected to be around six percent. More in the Daily News. Shelby County Election Commission website.

Shelby County Commission: They will be tasked with appointing the replacement for deceased State Rep. Larry Turner, likely later this month.

Shelby County Schools: Only a handful of County schools are responsible for a large percentage of student suspensions.

The MED: The Mid-South Peace and Justice Center sponsored a luncheon yesterday, with US Rep. Steve Cohen, that drew together representatives from different advocacy groups to discuss funding strategies for the regional hospital.

Overton Square: The company proposing the redevelop the Square, Sooner Investments, will file their presentation plans with the Land Use Control Board on Thursday, to appear before the LUCB in January.

Salvation Army: WREG takes a look at the new cashless kettles they’re using for donations.

Cargill Cotton: The company’s Citizenship Team is donating $4000 and volunteer man-hours to renovate three Memphis parks.

Business: Norfolk Southern has hired Nashville firm AMEC Earth and Environmental to begin construction work on their intermodal railyard in Fayette County. Metro Moto is bringing back the Vespa scooter to Memphis. Rite-Hite Products will lay off their remaining Memphis employees; more in the CA.

People in Business and What to Do, from the Commercial Appeal.

Wright Medical Group: Their patent infringement appeal case received a favorable summary judgment.

Delta Air Lines: They are closing two international call centers to move them back to the US.

Millington: The Police Department now has a Hearts and Hands program to have volunteers check on the elderly and disabled.

Mississippi: The State will not mail out income tax forms this year, as a cost-cutting measure. Lt Governor Phil Bryant wants to introduce financial incentives and punishments for budget performance by State agencies. State Farm policyholders along the Gulf Coast face a 20 percent hike in rates.

Memphis International Airport: The reconstruction of the east-west runway was completed Monday, just in time for the Christmas shipping madness at FedEx. Also, more on the death of Emmett O’Ryan, whose plane crashed during landing. More on that story from Fox13, WREG and Eyewitness News.

Financial: Memphis-based Paragon National Bank has implemented new software to watch its commercial real estate portfolio.

Survey Says: International air traffic was up slightly in October, but cargo demand went down.

Updated! Main Street Journal November Issue: Publisher Jonathan Lindberg sits down with Rabbi Micah Greenstein. From Jonathan Devin, Nostalgia & Tradition: Holidays at the Historic Collierville Town Square.

The Table of Contents is here. And we’ll have several selections up online as the month progresses, so watch this space!

Joe Saino on Consolidation: Main Street Journal contributing writer Joe Saino runs some preliminary numbers on consolidation and sees a lot of red ink coming from pensions. He also shares these presentations on the history and the reality of school consolidation. (PDF documents)

Memphis City Schools: The first group of parents brought to court over student truancy were all given diversion. More from WMC, WREG and Eyewitness News.

Memphis City Council: “Gloomy” budget news today. The Council’s agenda is here, courtesy of the Daily News.

Lamar Crossing Apartments: At long last, an end is in sight on the legal wranglings that have tied up the sale of the property.

AutoZone Liberty Bowl: The half-time entertainment show will be Eddie Money.

H1N1 Virus: Beginning today, the swine flu vaccine is now available to everyone who wants it. More from WMC and Eyewitness News. And there are more supplies available.

MLG&W: Workers grow suspicious and catch a father-son team stealing copper right under their noses. They are repeat offenders, too. More from WREG.

Politics: Shelby County District Attorney and Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Gibbons has hired Bonny Kinney, former news anchor with ABC24/30, as his communications director. Tennessee’s next governor may have no option but to raise taxes for new revenues.

Eighteen members of the Executive Committee of the TN Republican Party have signed a letter heading off any moves to restore House Speaker Kent Williams’ party bona fides. Will the next session of the General Assembly address corporate tax issues?

Will the distance between Harold Ford Jr’s family shenanigans and New York help him in his run for the Senate seat there?

TNInvestco: Even in tight budget times, the group of start-up venture capitalists may grow from 6 to 10 and get another $40 million to work with.

Tennessee: Only 7 fatalities were recorded during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, a modern record. Nashville’s convention center will be torn down to build a 12-story “medical mart” and they are moving forward to clear out the former TN State Fairgrounds.

Millington: Mayor Richard Hodges speaks on hiring a Nashville lobbyist for the City.

Memphis Shelby County Crime Commission: They have unveiled a new website, “Operation: Safe Community”.

Las Savell: The iconic Memphis jeweler has announced his retirement. The store will remain open afterward; there’s a retirement sale planned.

Peabody Hotel: Three of their chefs entered the Food Network’s gingerbread house challenge … and won!

Picture of the Day

Another Christmas tree gone up, from 16 Balls in the Air by Em. © 2009.

Opinion and Blogs

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What is a Carbunkle Trumpet? How good was the turkey? It was “Call Central America!” good.

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Urf! Crime, even in the suburbs?