Main Street Journal

February 2007 Issue


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Table of Contents: February

On the River
Jonathan Lindberg: In Regard to Commissioner Henri Brooks and other able-bodied elected officials that try to make their point by means of incendiary comments – please – for the love of all that is decent – just stop
J. Ward Moorehouse: Comment: Media Reform in Memphis
State Representative Brian Kelsey: Thinking Big

On the Road
Nicholas Carraway: Donald Trump

Judith’s Picks
Judith Conroy

Lead Article
Michael Roy Hollihan: The Health Coverage Crisis in Memphis: Profiles and solutions for an ailing system

Feature Articles
Drew Harris: Mr. Predictable: How Commissioner Wyatt Bunker plans to reduce your debt

Ties that Bind
Criticism Continues for Carter Book
The New Mid-east alignment

On the Shelf
Jonathan Lindberg: What is the What?

On the Money
Chuck Bates: The Financial State of the Union: Part 1

The Health Coverage Crisis in Memphis: Profiles and solutions for an ailing system


The following is an excerpt from our February issue:

By Michael Roy Hollihan

Some numbers are stark. One in eight Memphians live at or below the poverty level. An estimated thirty percent of all Memphis children live in poverty. But some numbers are slippery. So it is with the working poor. As many as one in four Memphians belong to the vague category of the working poor. These are individuals who have jobs but have been unable to rise above the poverty line. They live paycheck to paycheck and are one automobile problem or medical emergency away