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July 2006 Issue


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2006-july-cover-150.jpgTable of Contents: July

On the River
Jonathan Lindberg: In Praise of Partisanship
Sara Weaver: Lunch for Two: LoLo’s Table
Judge Mark Ward: Letter from the Bench: In the Jury Box

On the Road
Nicholas Carraway: Senator Hillary Clinton

Judith’s Picks
Judith Conroy

Lead Article
Michael Roy Hollihan: Re-Appealing: The Ongoing Evolution of the Commercial Appeal

Feature Articles
Charles Krauthammer: Never Again? The creation of Israel was suppost to protect the post-Holocaust Jew forever
Ed Bryant: A Path to Fiscal Restraint: Putting the Lid on Government Spending
Drew Harris: Rare Birds: The Unique Success of the Memphis Redbirds Off the Field

Ties that Bind
George Conroy: Israeli Business and High Tech
Rena Rosenberg: Every Life Has a Story: A Perfect Match

Toward the End
On the Shelf: Jonathan Lindberg: Mayflower

Back Page
On the Money: Chuck Bates: The Real Cost of Immigration Part III

Every Life Has a Story: A Perfect Match


By: Rena Rosenberg

Far away in a city known as Odessa in the Ukraine, USSR, Yakov Muchnik and Alla Tsiporkis grew up amid the tremendous background stresses of World War II, bombings, loss of their possessions
and homes, loss of friends, and the inability to get food and clothing until the end of the war. More than 50 million people from many countries were killed in this war, and in the Ukraine alone, thousands of large and small cities and villages were destroyed. Following the war, they were able to return to their homeland around 1947, attended the University in Odessa together, and eventually married. Some 44 years later, when you come to Plough Towers and ride in the elevators, you will see a calendar of events, one in English and the other in Russian, (including the graphics and pictures). Yakov and Alla have assisted not only the Russian-speaking residents, but the staff as well, in understanding the notices, flyers and any other information that needs to be conveyed to the residents.

Determination and perseverance can definitely be attributed to Yakov Muchnik and Alla Tsiporkis. While attending the University in Odessa, Yakov, a man of great intelligence, was able to enter the university without any type of examination. While there, he learned to design and construct machinery for the food industry and received a degree in Mechanical Engineering along with numerous gold medals for academic achievements, excellent work, and exemplary behavior. He was also interested in studying engineering for the mining industry in Kiev, but was unable to pursue this. While at the University in Odessa, Yakov also studied English as a second language. After completing his studies, Yakov was employed as a Mechanical Engineer and Designer at a very large plant. Alla excelled in her studies as well and the two continued to pursue their dreams of being entrepreneurs. Alla also enjoyed table tennis and competed in gymnastics as a member of the University team.

In 1962, Alla and Yakov married and a year later their son was born. He has followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming an Electrical Engineer. Their son is now married and has given Yakov and Alla two grandchildren. Alla continued to work in a plant in Kharkov. As entrepreneurs, Yakov and Alla developed new equipment for small industries such as a “fresh pasta” machine, which produced 200 types of pasta , the first of its type of machinery in Russia. They have also been awarded patents for the development of machinery which assists in the unloading of grains to be used in all types of food.

In September of 2001, they moved to the United States to join their son and family living in the Memphis area. Five years ago, they moved into Plough Towers where Yakov’s father had also lived for about two years. September of 2006 will be very special as Yakov and Alla will apply for citizenship in the United States. After their struggle for survival in the USSR, Yakov and Alla are now able to enjoy and participate in their love of music by enjoying the Arts and Opera, poetry, ballroom dancing, the theatre, traveling, and many other advantages of living in this country. Almost 40 years ago, Yakov participated in an Art TV quiz contest and upon winning, became the proud owner of several beautiful books of art reproductions and the model of the world famous Gallery of Russian Art, Tretyarcov Gallery in Moscow. Their collection of reproductions of Russian art and painting by Ukrainian artists are some of their most prized possessions.

They have been a perfect match for each for 44 years. They continue to enjoy many of their hobbies and interests, and are proud to have the opportunity to participate in the arts in Memphis on a regular ba