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Bryson for Governor?


Jim BrysonThe Tennessee blogosphere is buzzing with news that an announcment by State Senator Jim Bryson is “eminent.” For the latest, see Tennessee Politics Blog, Blogging for Bryant, TeamGOP, Nashville Files, Nashville is Talking, and Tennessee Talk.

In addition, the domain names “” and “” were (privately) registered yesterday, March 30. See our January 25 post for an insight into the significance of that development.

The Winkler Defense


Mary Winkler’s attorney Memphian Steve Farese is certainly sweeping the legal horizon for ways to defend his client, a woman who has already admitted to shooting her husband. He has little choice. Those familiar with the investigation have indicated the following,

Last night, state medical examiner Dr. Bruce Levy told CNN’s Larry King that Matthew Winkler was killed by a single shotgun wound to his back,


They have said they don’t think infidelity was a factor

A shot in the back would seem to diminish the imminent threat defense, although she could argue he was in the process of going after the children or some other immediately sinister maneuver. Ruling out infidelity rules out another a big motive.

Perhaps that’s why her lawyers are leaking the following information to the press,

Farese and co-counsel Leslie Ballin, also of Memphis, said they are concerned about the mental state of their client, as well as her state of mind when her husband, Matthew Winkler, was slain last week. Law enforcement officers say she has confessed to the crime.